How We Work

A Tanksales project starts with an introductory meeting between Mr. Steenstra and the potential client. In this meeting an inventory of the proposed extension is made. Based on this meeting, Tanksales will draw up a non-committal proposal for the extension with a rough estimate of the project costs.

When both parties have defined the main features of the project in a subsequent meeting, the proposal is developed into a basic engineering plan, which includes a detailed open calculation. Subsequently a bonus-malus contract is prepared that will allow Tanksales to purchase the necessary goods and start building the terminal.

This contract is subject to a time schedule and the terms and conditions agreed upon by Tanksales and the client.

Tanksales relieves the client of all activities and responsibilities during the building of the terminal although the client will always be able to monitor the project closely.

This website gives a description of the different components of our projects.