The choice of the size of the storage tanks might seem obvious. This may be the same for the choice of materials. However, there are many different possibilities, which ultimately have the same end result, but with a huge different in price. Tanksales will use its extensive knowledge in this field to reach the best possible result. Many choices have to be made, for example: whether to build on site or somewhere else; the selection of the necessary flange joints; the choice of insulation and other materials. Attention must also be paid to the prevalent building regulations. Tanksales takes care of all these decisions and proposes the best options to the client, in order to come to a joint decision.

Applying to a selection of different tank builders, discussing the possibilities with these companies and the final choice of the best candidate, (together with the client if deemed necessary) will all be carried out by Tanksales.

Thereafter, Tanksales will supervise the building process, check the welding procedures at production, security measures, aftercare, and, if necessary, the transportation and placement of the tanks.

Refurbishing of existing tanks is also a possibility.